Who rules the school?

Who Rules The School


Year 4 rules the school ,why read on  to find out more.

In year 4 we have been learning about Anglo Saxons and Vikings! The Anglo Saxons came from Denmark. They came to Britain and

Settled in England.

As for the Vikings they took over most of Britain, and moved the Celts over to Ireland.


Our Interview with Mrs Watkins.


Q1. Why do you think year 4 is great?

“Because all of the children and staff”.


Q2. Why do you think Anglo Saxons and Vikings are the best topic?

Because we get to find out about invaders and we do lots of creative things like making a long ship and weaving.




19th July 2016 by Olivia and Georgia 

Big events this year

This year there has been some big events so we are here to list a few of them.  So we will start on Year 6 and go down to Year 3 listing the good events.

Year 6

Year 6  have had an extraordinary year.

Popular events

The year sixes have put on a production of Charlie and the chocolate factory for  parents everyone had a part and they certainly played their  part well. Congratulations and good luck for you at secondary  school.


Year 5

In Year 5 this year they dissected a heart. People said it was sincerely gross.  Good luck in year 6.


Year 4

In Year 4, the children have been making death masks. It was incredibly fun and messy! Ask the cleaners about Mr Patton’s carpet!


Year 3


In Year 3, the highlight has been the trip to Caerleon. It was fun and very informative. The children all enjoyed it because they got to chase the parents, look at models in the museum and be Roman slaves for the day!


Written by Olivia Agbabi and Georgia Carty.


12th July 2016

Year 3 went to Carleon for a school trip and this article will tell you all abut it-

CHILDREN CHARGED AT PARENT, they were a loud to take £2.00 on the trip to spend in the shop A  kind man named bob that the ridge  have hire for all the trips we have had from the last from the last 4 years.

“The trip was a fantastic and exhilarating day out year 3 were very convincing Romans “by Miss Evans.

Here is a quote from 2 of the year three pupils                           20160701102255_Caerleon2_2016

“I thought it was very good and my favourite part was when we had to charge at the parents .I loved the roman bath because it would make an echo after every time I spoke.” Alfie Clark aged 8.

“I think the trip to Caerleon was great because we got to form a turtle and a wedge.” Charlotte aged 8.

The barracks were wear the Romans slept and they had to sleep with their mattresses full of bugs and straw also we got to touch them , and also they put their armor in there.

20160701102255_Caerleon_2016  20160701144122_Caerleon_16


Who rules the school, Year 5 do! Why? Read more to find out!

Over the last couple of weeks in PE, Y5 have been doing a class dance to ‘Earth Song’ by Michel Jackson. Interestingly, both classes did their own dances. Everybody said that they had fun and teachers said that we looked professional. It followed our learning of rainforests and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, and the song made us think deeply of the destruction people are bringing to the beauty of the rainforest. Class 6 were very happy when Mrs. Forman gave us a raffle ticket for our hard work and effort.

Following this, our home work was to make a 3D rainforest. Loads of creative ideas were used e.g. Jess. T made hers in a bottle and Grace. B made hers out of Lego. Interested in our models, Mrs. Forman and Mrs. Long gave us house points and we watched the video of us and were so proud.


By Jazmin. C

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