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15th November 2016

Forest skills

What forest skills is

Once a year we do forest skills.

Forest skills is when we go down to the forest to practise skills to do with fire and we practice teamwork. When we get down to the forest we split into two groups, one group go to make dens out of tarpaulin and big trees, and the other group go to roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate.  After we roasted the marshmallows we got two biscuits and squashed the marshmallows in between the two biscuits! Once we did that we ate our biscuits, then we swapped the groups around.

Why we do forest skills

We do forest skills to improve our listening skills, to learn around fire and to work as a team. But the most important part is we do it for fun!!!

Who does forest skills


The person that runs forest skills is miss pike we also take our teacher and the whole class. Miss pike is our leader because she is trained to do all the things we do.



By Lily wright and Zack wigginton



19th July 2016 

Totem pole


Our new totem pole has lots of different designs on it. Before we made it, a competition was sent out where we had to design are own totem pole for the school.  When the person made it, he stole a variety of different things from lots of different designs.


On it there is lot’s of bees which represent co-operation. There are also 4 swallows because they represent pushing yourself. Some other things on there are a football, rugby ball and a picture of someone playing hockey. Another thing on there is lot’s of music notes. Underneath it there are 7 books and spots are dotted around everywhere. On the front there is a big shield with the school logo in the middle.



“I really like it because it represents the school well . ”said Georgia (Year 4)

“It was very good because it had everyone’s ideas on it” said Gracie (Year 5)

“ It is very educational because it shows are learning qualities.” Said Alyssa (Year 6)



12th July 2016

At the Ridge we have lots of popular things to do. First we’ll be talking about our favourite lesson from each year. We’ll start with year 3.

In year 3 their favourite lesson was P.E. They each had a turn to run 400m whilst being timed. When they finished running, their time was added up with other scores from previous lessons.

In year 4 their best lesson that week was maths; they found lots of information about the football which 1million people have been talking about. When they finished finding information, they made a bar chart on it and presented it in front of the class.

Year 5 enjoyed maths as well. They made mini classrooms out of card. First of all, they measured their classroom and then divided the measurements by 10. Finally, they made all the furniture 10x smaller.

Year 6 voted their favourite lesson to be production. They practiced the show in the hall many times and on the 13th and 14th they will perform it in front of parents.

Dress up and dance

IMG_3299                A few weeks ago, on Friday, we dressed up as our heroes to support the charity Macmillan. The day was called Dress Up And Dance and lots of pupils participated. This day was for a purpose- to raise money for the charity.

We had many children who dressed up like cool and popular celebrities as well as superheroes. “This was an exciting day!” Olivia said on the following Monday. Even teachers were thrilled at the occasion.  Here is a collection of people who were dressed up in hot costumes:


As you can see, the children enjoyed dressing up as footballers and sports stars and many other people that they admired. Unfortunately, a few students were a bit oblivious to the dressing-up part of the event. Other pupils thought out of the box- now here is a collection of our imaginative costumes:


Now here are some quotes from pupils:

“It was really fun and knowing that it was our last dress-up day made me feel good too.”

-Zakiyah, Year 6- writer

“It was extraordinarily funny to see other pupils dressed up in imaginative and unusual costumes!”

-Heidi, Year 6- editor

“I really enjoyed the day and liked seeing other people’s clothes.”

–Abi, Year 5- writer

“I loved that day because we got to wear non-school uniform.”

-Georgia, Year 4- writer

Hopefully, you will have got a taste of our school and how we think. Therefore, we would sincerely love it if you would read all of our blogs. They are published every two weeks.  The editor will keep you informed. Thank you for reading.

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