We’re all going on a Summer Holidays

Are you bored in summer? Never fear the Ridge Planet Bloggers are here!

What to do in summer?

What to do in summer-

  • Family days out
  • Activity days
  • Water fights and swimming pool days
  • Picnics and barbeque
  • Holidays ( camping/ going abroad)
  • Trips to the park
  • Sleepovers and slumber parties
  • Having fun in the garden
  • Participating in sports



Summer is a fun time where you can chill and prepare for the upcoming school year. Although summer is fun, it can get boring by the end so why don’t you try out some of the suggestions above just for you!

“ I always get bored in summer and the list above will keep me occupied and interested throughout the whole 6 weeks, ” said Heidi.


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