Website reviews


This week, we reviewed Mathletics

Mathletics, which is an online math site, is an enjoyable way to do maths. We use it in school frequently instead of doing ordinary maths lessons.


Although we can play on Mathletics, our teachers are constantly setting us challenges to do. Sometimes we even get set work that is our homework.


Most people like to play on live Mathletics. On live mathletics you can play against your friends. In a new update you can play against your friends high score even if they are not online but if they are online you can play against them live.


“Mathletics is a good way to learn so you can learn out of school, Jamie Hawkins replied when asked.  Miss Easthope said she thinks it is a great way for children to enjoy maths.


There are numerous activities on mathletics such as Data Handling and time. These are the activities our teachers set.

Mathletics is a great way to enjoy maths and we think everyone should use it.

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