Trouble with the teachers! (Interviews and quizzes)

Bethany and Maisie [teacher drawing challenge]   

We challenged the teachers and some assistants to draw a perfect portrait of themselves in a minute.  We made them draw a portrait with a blindfold covering their eyes. We did one assistant and one teacher Mrs Conradi and Mrs Welch. We had a giggle but think that they should keep the blindfolds off for now! 🙂



We interviewed Mrs Watkins for a quiz to test her knowledge. This was going to be a little bit of fun.

We questioned her with 7 tricky questions including sports, subjects and dinosaurs. We had 3 solutions it could be. Within a couple of minutes, Watkins  had  done all 7 questions . Her total score was 2/7 .We enjoyed interviewing Mrs Watkins as it was great fun but think that we might need to change our interview questions for the next interview.

Written by Sam and  George

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