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Year 3 and 4 play



In year 3 and 4 we have been doing a play called LIGHTS CAMEL ACTION!!! The play was like strictly come dancing but the nativity version.

There were lots of different acts including;

Nazareth town’s people,

Mary and Joseph,

Camels (main act),





And the last act includes everyone it was the hand jive.

Year three did the singing and year four did the acting.

The judges were the Donkey the Innkeepers wife and Caesar Augustus.

We also had some songs to go with the dances such as,


Angels ballet music,

Shepherds hey,

Disco star,

Innkeepers Tango,

Bethlehem hand jive,

We must travel home and

Camel funk.


By: Lily Wright and Charlotte wheeler


On Wednesday 14th June choir went to Chipping Sodbury town hall, all of us were joined by Broadway. Finally, we arrived at our destination. We sang all sorts of songs, The Jungle Book, If You’re  A King And Queen (In tune of happy and you know it)Old  King Cole, Joseph song, King Kong Conga, Sing a song of  sixpence.

“There was quite a few extraordinary songs in the fantastic production.” Alyssa, in year 6 explained.

Rosie, also in year 6, said “Singing assemblies are quiet good because you can learn new songs you knew never existed.” Charlotte’s favourite song was the Joseph song. Zakiyah’s favourite song was   The Jungle Book due to you could bounce around and let loose and enjoy what you’re doing and smile!

By Zakiyah Ahmed


Charlotte Wheeler

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