Stem Week

 Stem in year 5

By Joe and Laila

In year 5 we have made a crane using knecks and pulleys everyone

In our year enjoyed it .On Friday Mr Harrison came to every class

And asked us questions about stem and are build. After the school

Walked round every class and looked at what they made.We all are

Looking forwards to stem next year!


Stem week in Year 5


In year 5 we were doing cranes

to help us understand how pulleys work.

The 6 simple machines

We did lots of work on the 6 simple machines, we did posters on them.

The cranes

Our main project was cranes ,we built them out of connects and they were all  successful + they had amazing shapes and sizes


Stem Week in Year 4 2018


In Year 4, we have been learning about the ‘States of Matter’. The states of matters are Solids, Liquids and Gases. If you want to find out more then simply keep reading or Stop. On the 1st day of STEM week, we had an introduction in our class so we could know what all the states of matters were and the information. After that we had to sort out some objects to get into the states of matter groups. We all we worked in 5 groups for Stem so we did it in those groups. That bit involved heaps of team work and co-operating. That day we still studied solids, liquids and gases a bit more detailed. On 2nd day of STEM week, my teacher gave to us the computers to do a project on Scratch. The 1st thing we had to do was to delete the sprite. We had fun on the computers!!! We had to put a Gif (Graphics Interchange Format)

By Harry Archer, Olivia Moxham and George Clowes


Year 5 STEM Week

On the 2nd of January 2018 STEM week began…..

In year five for STEM week  we looked at the 6 simple machines, these are:

A wedge,

A screw,

An inclined plane (ramp),

A wheel and axle,

A lever,

And a pulley.

we made our  pulleys out of knex.

The machine that we focused on most though was the pulley. Here is a picture that shows what it is.

A pulley is a machine with no engine you pull the piece of string and there is a wheel and axle at the top that pulls up your heavy load with less force to make work easier. We really enjoyed stem week and can’t wait until next year!

By: Lily Wright and Bethany Scarth


STEM week in  year  5

In year 5 we have been making cranes out of Knex. It was a tricky task but all 5 groups managed to complete it with at least four pulleys.




                            What is a pulley?

A pulley is a simple machine that makes you use less energy and force. Our challenge was to use more than one pulley in a crane. We did this because NASA wanted us to make a crane to lift there latest space shuttle.  



                     By Erin and Ella

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