Spectacular Sports

Sports Day

 On Tuesday 13th June our school did sports day! There were lots of sports including:

Speed bounce, standing long jump, ball push, javelin, target shot, sprint relay, mixed relay, and sprints.


First of all we were split up into our house teams which are Banksy, Brunel, Aardman, and more. Next we settled down into our seats and waited for sports day to begin. My teacher (Mr Patton) ran sports day this year like he did last year as well. Before we started any sports the year sixes did a dance in front of all the parents. Then, after a while, we started the sports. Everyone had at least two events to take part in. My first sport that I did was ball push. Once everyone had finished their first sport we did the relay races. The relay race that I took part was the sprint relay. The other option was the mixed relay. The last thing of all were the sprints which I was very nervous about as I was against some very fast people. But now for the part you have all been waiting for, the art when I tell you who won! Drum roll please …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..BRUNEL WON!!!

(If you are in Brunel well done!)


If you are reading this, and you are not in Brunel, don’t worry at least we all tried our hardest!

BY: Lily Wright J



A lot  of sports go  on around Britain and  one of the main sports is football. Here is the premier league table :


28 pts
Liverpool 27 pts
Manchester City 27 pts

25 pts

Tottenham 24 pts




What sports have been going on ?

Recently,  Andy Murray won against Novak Djokovic in straight sets to secure his year end number one spot. When Andy started to play tennis professionally people said that he would   never win a major match / tournament and he would never get on the number one spot in the world. In addition to this  ,  Murray has smashed  that theory after his win of 6-4. He was playing at the O2  arena and has claimed the throne of tennis !!

What sports we do as a school

At the Ridge we take part in many sports like :

  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Rugby
  • Gym and cross-country


Our interview with Mr Patton


 1.Do you think our sports teams work well together ?

Yes they do have good communication skills .


  1. Do you think our Ridge teams have good sportsmanship ?

They have good sportsmanship and they are responsible and reliable.


  1. Why did you want to be our school P.E teacher ?

Sport is a  passion of , I  like to encourage the teams and see young children being active and learning valuable skills.


By Remi and  Zack


Boy’s Football Tournament 

By Alex and Emily

On Thursday 7th November the Ridge football boys’ team played in a 7’s tournament. Our starting line-up was Alex and Oscar in defence and Alfie, Louis and Tyler in midfield and Haydn up front, this meant we had Jacob on the bench. We started strongly even though it was an early start, we won our first game 2-0 against St Pauls with goals from Haydn. It wasn’t a while until our next game so we had to keep warm- our next game was against Barley Close. Each team was equal in this game with some good football by both sides resulting in a 1-1 draw. We were straight back on with some tired players, we started off well but a mistake in the back caused a Crossways goal. After we conceded a goal our heads dropped, this caused us to not play very well for the rest of the game. Unluckily, the Ridge conceded another goal in the late minutes. Then we had no hope of getting back in the game this game resulted in a 2-0 loss for the Ridge. It was a good day for everyone even though we didn’t get through in the end we ended up with 6pts with a win a loss and a draw.




The European football championship started on 10th June,2016 and finished on the 10th July,2016.

24 teams qualified and 4 teams in 6 groups.

euro 2

France did total domination to their group finishing 1st.

Wales came top of group b whilst rivals England came just behind.

Germany had 3 wins out of 3 and came 1st.

Spain won group d with Croatia coming 2nd.

Italy smashed their group with Belgium just behind.

Iceland did what Leicester city did they did the unexpected winning their group with Hungary coming 2nd and Portugal came 3rd but qualified because of goal difference.



Portugal who finished 3rd beat the hosts 1-0 Eder scored a screamer outside the box!





Brimsham Sports Event

On Thursday 23rd June, the whole of year 6 went to Brimsham Green Secondary School to play sports; we did tag rugby, football, rounders dance, handball, and lots more. Many other schools also had the chance to participate in this sport. Around 6 schools came, including us. We all had different groups so we weren’t put with our friends. Some of the sports were hard, so we tried our best. Eventually, after a morning doing sports, we arrived at The Ridge, most of us were exhausted after that.

By Zakiyah


Sports Day    

Luckily sports day was on this week (21st June) but due to bad weather last week (14th June) it was cancelled. The houses sat together in the hall and one house by one house we went out to start a parade on the field. The day started with the field events ball push, javelin, speed bounce, target shot and long jump, ball push.

Anning was in the lead to begin with, however Lovell shot past them near the end of the field events; they were not happy with that and Anning came fighting back, speeding past Lovell into the lead during the running.

The running events were sprint, sprint relay, mixed relay and novelty race.  There was some great sportsmanship showed by all involved.  In sprint Lovell got the best score because in there races they had eleven people who came first, Jenner had 6, Anning had 4 and Pillinger had 3 .

Here is a quote from Mr .Patton (he ran sports day for the first time)

“It was a very enjoyable afternoon seeing all the children participate in many different sporting events, cheering on their friends. It worked very well!”

By Gracie and Jamie


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