Sparkle Week

Welcome to Sparkle Week!

This edition, we let the children write whatever they wanted, they were free to sparkle as writers in any way that they wanted. Please enjoy reading their different ideas and thoughts!

The Beatles

The Beatles were a band of five men, John Lennon , Paul McCartney , Ringo Starr and George Harrison. All five of them grew up in Liverpool. Their music was what made them famous as they were such a big thing in the 1960’s.

By Kacey and Jazmin

Fancy a trip somewhere?

Florida is an amazing resort where adults and children can enjoy a holiday they’ll remember forever!

This resort has 8 action packed parks with hundreds of rides and activities for everyone to enjoy.  The

Favourite Park is the Magic Kingdom. The magic kingdom is for children about 5 or under and is a new

World with magical rides at your fingertips. At most Villas there is a swimming pool, a games room with

A ps4 a pool table and a Xbox and that’s not all if you have more because if you pay you can have your

Own barbeque! While you stay I recommend you bring swimming trunks or you will miss out on all of

the swimming activities. While you stay sea world has a collection of slides to ride on and it’s very own

tycoon lagoon. This fantastic resort will give your kids an inspiration that they will never forget.


This is one of the rides at Universal Studios that you could visit

A Book Review

The Divergent series is an action packed line of books where surprises, betrayal and action can be found around every corner. The protagonist in the series is a teenage girl called Beatrice Prior; Beatrice grew up in a city confined by walls where everybody must choose a faction. There are five factions to choose from, Amity the kind, Dauntless the daring, Candor the honest, Erudite the intelligent and Tris’ Parents’ faction, Abnegation the selfless. People who fail to pass the Factions’ initiation are called the Factionless. I’d recommend this book to people who love reading action books from the age of nine. (ps: Read the books before you watch the films).

By Oscar



Here are some interesting facts about an adorable animal

  • Pandas will not hibernate but will shelter in caves or hollow trees in very cold winters
  • About 2,000 pandas are found in the world
  • 99% of a pandas diet consists of bamboo
  • Pandas are omnivores which means they eat meat and plants (bamboo).
  • A pandas’ fur is thick and wiry and can grow up to four inches long.
  • Pandas are very good swimmers
  • Pandas love climbing trees


Public art!!

In Bristol, there is a lot of street art that is now very famous. There are some other types of street art such as 3D art and graffiti.

Here is some 3D art

There are some artist that are very famous such as banksy. Banksy is a graffiti artist and his art work is extremely good. Here is  some of his work.



Bansky has managed to keep his identity a secret the whole time he has been an artist. Many people think they know who he is but they could me incorrect. When he started street art, he started of doing it freehand and he was in a crew of Bristol called DryBreadZ. After a couple of years later he didn’t do free hand as much and started to use stencils however he hadn’t given free styling up it is just the majority of his work he uses stencils. As you may know, most of his pieces are to do with  rats, apes, soldiers, children and policemen also some of them have some sort of message.

School work in year 6

Last week in year 6 we were learning how to draw graffiti due to having a topic of hip hop .The reason why we were doing graffiti when our topic is hip hop is because it is one of the main points . Here is what some of them look like.

By Remi Bragg

Famous Authors


J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling is a famous author for an amazing Harry potter series of books. Alex said “These books are amazing you learn a lot from them!”

Did you know? J.K Rowling’s books have been sold worldwide, 400 million copies have been sold.

Rowling went from an unemployed person to a multi-millionaire, she originally thought of the first Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone on a train to Manchester. Rowling has won 17 awards for her amazing Harry Potter books.

David Walliams

David Walliams is an amazing author and he has wrote many funny books like gangsta granny and billionaire boy. David Walliams was born in Merton, London on 20 August, 1971. It is my sincere belief that many people have read David Walliams books. He has won 9 awards and his new books may win more.

By Alex Hobbs

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