School Council

School Council

Hello, our names is Ashli Bailey and Tawny Angel Smith May and we are part of the journalists of the Ridge Planet Blog 2017. 


School council this year are

C 1 : Mia Cripps and  Ethan Meredith Clark

C2 : Harrison French and Leila French

C3 : Harly Cox and Yasmin Marshall

C4 : Ella Parsons and Matty Panfold

C5 : Cara Wilson and Archie Stanton

C6 : James Penfold and Maisie Ballard 

C7: Lavani Morris and Joshua Howland

C8 : Jacob Crawley and Ashleigh Pierce


How they are chosen

School council  are chosen at  the start  of the year when you are  given 2  pieces of paper one for a boy and one for a girl.

People will say if they want to be in school council, they will write on a piece of paper what will make them good for school council then read it out infront of the class. Then you find out which description is best for school council  and vote.


School events

The school council have meetings with teachers.

They decide on new or old events to do for a week or so such as:

Remembrance day, sports day, daily mile, fun run, stem, plays and anti bullying activities.


School Council

How School Council get chosen

At the start of  the year, each  pupil gets given two small pieces of paper and they chose a girl and a boy of their choice who they think are sensible and will be good at being School Council. Whoever gets the most votes will be School Council.


Who We Are

These are the people who represent the school as School Council:

Class 1: Olivia and George

Class 2: Yasmin and Theo

Class 3: Freddie and Hannah

Class 4: Finley and Lily

Class 5: Zara and Akira

Class 6: Jessica and Harry

Class 7: Jazmin and Oscar

Class 8: Ella and Alex


How often we meet

We meet about once or twice a term to talk about important things that are happening at the time and how we could improve the school.



For Remembrance Day we held a Poppy Stall on the playground at break time to raise money. Some of the things that you could buy were: poppies, wristbands, slap bands, friendship bracelets, colouring pencils and reflectors. Another event that we have done is a Macmillan Coffee Morning where you could come in and buy a coffee and a cake and the money went to Macmillan Cancer Research.

By Ella and Finley

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