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19th July 2016

The Transition To Secondary School


IT IS TIME! All the Year Sixes are moving up to………………….secondary school! Dun, dun, dun! They’ll be gone-vanished, in fact. But not to worry! Well, some Year Sixes might worry about going there but we have solutions to some questions you may ask.

  1. Question: I’m worried about getting lost. How do I find my way around?

Answer: If you do happen to get lost, ask a teacher or a pupil above Year Seven to help you (point you in the right direction). Some schools will even give you a map so look where you are and trace your way to where you need to be then follow it.

  1. Question: How do I keep on track with my homework if I get loads?

Answer: At first, they lay low on the homework and will build it up gradually. And you will soon get the swing of things so there’s really no need to worry,


  1. Question: What if I don’t make any friends and, if so, how will I make them?

Answer: This is a very common worry. Many children get scared about this. You will make a friend in the end, you know. Just go up to a person that seems nice and that you think you will get along with and simply say “Hi”. In a few days, you will both feel as if you’ve known each other forever.


We collected quotes from random Year Six pupils asking them how they felt about moving up to senior school.


“I feel really excited and this school aka The Ridge has prepared me well for the upcoming events and challenges that Brimsham will produce. However, I am still a little bit nervous.”

-Scarlett, Class 8, Year 6


“I’m super ecstatic about moving up.”

-Milly, Class 8, Year 6


Thanks for reading. We hope this article has helped for your transitions to secondary school.


By Alyssa Wigginton and Gracie Clark


19th July 2016 


In Year 5 you get paired with Year 2s, who are coming up from Broadway to become a Year 3 in September. A buddy shows the Year 2s around the school and answers all of their questions about the school.

Here are some quotes that people said about buddies.

“Buddies can make Year 3s more confident about coming to Year 3.” Said James.

“It’s very nice to have a buddy that guides you around the school” said a Year 2.

In Year 6 the job still carries on by helping out your buddy. You can be responsible and be a good buddy. Overall, the system of the Buddies are really helping the Year 2s fit in.

By Zakiyah Ahmed


Abi Firstbrook.

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