1. The spice girls! 


    This week the girl bloggers have decided to all do a girl power article about a female that has inspired us or other people. I have chosen to do the world famous spice girls!

    What did they do?

    The spice girls formed in 1994 and ended in 2000. Some years later (2007) they did a reunion tour for what was thought to be the last time however in 2016 three of the members came together to launch a website called “spice girls- GEM”. They have helped girl power by being one of the first big only girl band and inspired children and adults everywhere.

    Who are they?

    The spice girls contains 5 glamorous ladies that all had nicknames.

    Mel        Geri     Victoria      Mel      Emma

    Brown    Halliwell   Beckham  Chisholm   Bunton


    Rosa Parks!

    This week at the Ridge Planet, the girl bloggers are writing about girl power: inspirational women who have worked hard to change history (the boys are continuing their previous articles). This article is about Rosa Parks, who protested against segregation between black people and white people.

    What was life like for Rosa whilst growing up?

    Rosa Parks was born on the 4th February 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. Growing up, segregation between black and white people was in force so black people couldn’t go to the same schools, live in the same areas or even use the same toilets as white people. As well as this, although they could get on the same buses, if a white person needed a seat on that bus, the black people were expected to give up their seats, no matter how many black people were on the bus.

    How did she protest?

    On December 1st, 1955 Rosa decided that enough was enough; she protested by refusing to stand for a white man- and she got tried in court for it. Watching this dangerous yet brave statement, other black people- like Martin Luther King Jr were inspired to protest against the unfair laws of segregation. They decided to boycott the public buses (this means refusing to get on them thus losing the bus companies money). Their boycott lasted for 381 days until, finally, the U.S. Supreme Court passed a law stating that bus segregation didn’t have to be in force any more.

    This law started the process of making black people’s lives much better than they had been. The lives of black people have changed a lot for the better and that’s all thanks to Rosa Parks.

    By Kirstie Rennie


    Emmeline Pankhurst

    This inspiring woman was the leader of all female group, the suffragettes, and brought the women to victory after their fight for the right to vote during 1900-1930.

    Emmeline was the eldest daughter of 10 children and grew up in a politically active family. She was just 14 when her mother took her to her first women’s suffrage meeting. After studying in Paris, she returned to Manchester where she met Dr. Richard Pankhurst in 1878. Richard was a lawyer who supported a lot of radical causes, including women’s suffrage. Even though he was 24 years older than Emmeline, the two married in December 1879. Over the next decade, Emmeline gave birth to 5 children: Christabel, Sylvia, Adela, Harry and Frank who unfortunately died in childhood. Despite her children and other household responsibilities, Pankhurst remained involved in politics. Over the years, the suffragettes began to take shape and started protests. Throughout these protests, suffragettes were arrested, but in 1909 the women had begun to engage in hunger strikes whilst in prison. Although this resulted in violent force-feedings, the hunger strikes also led to many early releases for suffragettes. When Emmeline was given a nine month sentence in 1912 for throwing a rock at the prime minister’s residence, she too embarked in hunger strikes. Spared from being forcibly fed, she was later freed. Later through the years, when world war one broke out, the suffragettes stopped campaigning and supported the men’s fight. Women worked in the factories making bombs and other things such as working for the air force. The contributions of women during wartime helped convince the British government to grant them limited voting rights though men were allowed to vote at the age of 21 whilst women were allowed at the age of 30. Later that year, another right was given to the women- they were allowed to be elected into parliament. Even though the women had got their right, they continued fighting until they were treated equally to the men. Unfortunately, Pankhurst did not live to see it, but on July 2nd 1928 women were given the same voting rights as the men. Emmeline Pankhurst was a truly amazing women. By Kacey Naish.




    JK Rowling

This is an article about who J. K Rowing is- shame on you if you don’t know that. She is an amazing author who wrote the series of Harry Potter, the adventurous, daring and risk taking books ever.

How did she become an author?

Now the thing everyone wants to know, is how she came up with the idea of these brilliant stories. Well now you are going to know. It all started as this author was sitting in a café, writing her ideas on a napkin. Apparently, a man called Peter Davy was the person who made the first Harry Potter but she said the idea just came to her.



By Emily and Charlotte.


Ariana Grande

Why she is inspirational

Ariana is a very inspirational woman. At her concert in Manchester (Monday 22nd May) a suicide bomber blew himself up at her concert, and 22 people died. To raise money for the families of the people who died, Ariana Grande came up with the idea of doing a benefit concert called One Love, where many famous bands and singers performed.

Some of the bands/singers were: Ariana Grande, Little Mix, Take That, Robbie Williams, Miley Cyrus, and much more. There were thousands of people there so they would have raised a lot of money. It was a very sad incident and there were many children or young adults that died during the bomb.

By : Lily Wright and Ella Wright

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