There are different kinds of wolves. This is a normal grey wolf. The kinds of wolves are     GREY WOLVES                                               ARTIC WOLVES                                          TIMBER WOLVES                                         AND BLACK WOLVES                                                                          


 What they eat

Wolves eat different animals and different kinds of meat. In zoos they eat meat that humans eat but in the wild they eat things such as




AND CHICKEN             




Film review by Ella Wright


Wonder Woman is a brand new film out in cinemas. It is about a strong lady who is a warrior who travels to England (from a secret island in an unknown part of the world) to stop the World War 1 that she believes Aries -a Greek god- started. She does this with the help of a friendly army spy and his friends.

Her biggest ambition is to defeat Aries. Diana (Wonder Woman’s name) is strong, beautiful and a very good person to want to be like. (Miss Evans also loved the film and wants to be just like her!)

This film is a 4 star rating

This is what Wonder Woman/Diana looks like.




Sleepovers by Jacqueline Wilson

The book ‘Sleepovers’ is told by Daisy, the main protagonist. She and her friends are all in a club named the ‘Alphabet Girls’. Each girl continuously have a sleepover party each. Unfortunately, their supposedly-called ‘friend’, Chloe, makes her move.

Here is a review of the book from Olivia, Y3, C1:

I think ‘Sleepovers’ is a good-sized book and was a well-written read because you don’t get many stories like this one. I would give this book 3 ½ rating.

Here is another review of the book from Alyssa, Y6, C8:

I think this book is really brilliant due to the fact that it is so life-like and realistic. Amazingly, it has won an award and is a really short, easy book to read. Therefore, I rate it 4 ½ stars.


  • Daisy- the main protagonist
  • Emily- Chloe’s BF
  • Amy- Bella’s BF
  • Bella- Amy’s BF
  • Chloe-Emily’s BF


 Daisy is calm, king, generous and easy-going. Emily’s natural charisma is that of altruistic, amiable and helpful but firm. Amy’s dynamism is nice, kind, sympathetic and sensible whereas Bella is greedy, humorous and mischievous. And then we have Chloe who is mean, bossy, annoying and hateful to others.

This book is a fabulous story written by Jacqueline Wilson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt. Many people recommend it so go ahead and read it!  And don’t forget that it was published in 2004! Happy reading!

By Alyssa Wigginton and Olivia Agbabi


The Jungle Book – Old vs New

mowgli 2               VS               mowgli

In this article, we will be talking about the two versions of the jungle book. We will be showing you quotes that we have collected from other pupils and lots more.

Most people have not seen the new jungle book so if you are one of these people keep on reading.

The old version is a cartoon however the new version is a computer-animation graphics film this is where we got opinions on both of the films.

The main character in this film is Mowgli he is very brave and likes to take a challenge.

Here are some Quotes we collected from children in our school.

A year 3 said “I think the new one was really good and I liked the start of it.”

A year four said about the old one “I think the old one was good because the songs were jolly”.

People rate the new film 5/5

They rate the old film 3/5

Over all people think the new one is better to watch but the old one is still a classic.


By Abi Firstbrook and Georgia Carty




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