Editor’s Letter

Welcome to Ridge Planet Blog!

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m the new editor for The Ridge Planet Blog. My team is complete with three fantastic deputy editors who will be supporting me and Miss Evans to run the blog. These are Charlotte, Lily and Ashli 🙂

As every year goes by a new team of children are picked to be responsible for the writing on the Ridge Planet Blog.

Next week I’ll be sharing some fun facts about our bloggers so that you can get to know them!


Editor’s letter

Hello and welcome back to the Ridge planet blog. This week’s articles are all about STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. It started on Tuesday the 2nd of January and by the end of the week Friday 5th many children were inspired to have of a STEM job.


During STEM week each year group made a different project. To achieve this they had to use many different skills including, teamwork, patience, concentration and coordination.

Clearly, everyone has used these skills and it has defiantly payed off as there has been some amazing work in the past week.

I hope everyone  had fun and is exited for next year’s STEM.


Hello welcome back to the Ridge Planet Blog! This week interesting events in our school like the Christmas play that year 4 performed whilst year 3 helped by singing, Charlotte and Lily are writing that. Lots of current affairs this week as STEM week has also been going on in the school, if you want to find out more look at Alex and Zack’s article. If you want to find out more about Christmas charities then check out the article that Oscar and Kirstie have done. This week Kacey will have interviewed Mrs.Long to find out more about the year 5 teacher.


Editors Letter.

Hey!! Its Kacey here. This week we have more exciting and fabulous articles , which include anti-bullying week  by Oscar and Kirstie , celebration assemblies by Alex and Emily and a new article by Lily and Ella which is talk topics . There is a load of more amazing articles so check out the blog to read them. In our school there is a lot going on like book fair , Christmas play rehearsals so there may be some articles  about these in the future . Thank you for tuning into the Ridge Planet Blog.



Welcome Back

Hello, I’m Jazmin, and I’m Kacey, and we are the new editors of the ridge planet blog this year, along with our deputy-editor Remi. This year we have a very strong team including-Zack,Lily,Oscar,Kirstie,Alex,Emily,Ella,Finly,Jazmin,Kacey,Remi and Charlotte.

Our teachers are Miss Easthope and Miss Evans. Every other Tuesday we will be publishing on this website with loads of interesting articles. Every week the editors will be alternating between writing the editors letter and terrorising teachers for an article that will be published every other Tuesday.  This week’s special articles are- Black History Week (Kirstie and Oscar) and Remembrance Day, by Remi and Charlotte.

Thank you for tuning into the ridge planet blog!


Last editors letter of the year!


This will be our last editors letter of the year, throughout this year a lot has been achieved- year 6 have completed their S.A.T.S and have done very well, year 3s have survived their first year at the ridge and sooo much more.

Find out who won the sports awards on the celebration assembly page, look on the ideas for the summer page to find out what is cool to do in the summer; also feast your eyes on the transition to secondary school letter, look at the buddy page, concentrate on the sports page, focusing on Euro 2016.

Thank you for looking at our blog this school year, we will carry this on in the upcoming school year. This is the last letter of this year I hope you enjoy our blog and HAVE A GOOD SUMMER!!!!!!!

By Alex Hobbs and Heidi Collins-Beckett



After our big release last week, we are very excited for things to come during our final weeks this year, including our whole school ambulance visit, our disco, leavers assemble, meeting our new teachers, a whole new school year coming up and the sport teachers are going to be giving out sports awards to the year 6 children who have represented the school in any sport will be getting trophies. Also year 6 will be doing an end of their junior school play this is too end a chapter in their life and go to secondary school.

Coming up this week is a book review, what the EU Referendum really was and much more. Now stop reading this and indulge in the secrets of the school!

Alex Hobbs and Heidi Collins-beckett


Hello everybody and welcome to The Ridge Planet Blog-run by our team of journalists; we would like to introduce you to our first blog of the term.


Meet the team

Heidi Collins-Beckett (Editor), C8

Alex Hobbs (Deputy Editor), C6

Olivia Agbabi, C1

Charlotte Wheeler, C1

Logan Briggs, C2

Molly Coventry, C4

Georgia Carty, C4

Abi Firstbrook, C5

Jamie Hawkins, C5

Katie King, C5

Gracie Clark, C6

Jazmin Coombs, C6

Kacey Nash, C6

Zakiyah Ahmed, C7

James Williams, C7

Rosie Warren, C7

Alyssa Wigginton, C8


Coming up Today

In this blog there will be a Sports Day surprise (Gracie and Jamie), a what’s hot and what’s not (Alyssa and Olivia) an inside interview with Mr Boult (Kacey) and much more!

This year has been a roller coaster for everyone. Even though this is the last term, everyone is working really hard and this blog will give you a snip-it of our amazing work and what goes on in the classroom.

If you have any questions or queries about the blog just ask any of the bloggers and we will try and help you.

Thank you,

From Heidi and Alex

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