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The mud kitchen


what is the mud kitchen?

The mud kitchen is a piece of opal play equipment where children can play with natural things to have fun.

What people think

Children have lots of fun playing on the mud kitchen using kitchen equipment to make role play menus.



Lily Wright and Olivia Agbabi (editor) interviewed Mrs Forman (in charge of opal) on the mud kitchen she had a lot to say about it!

We asked her how she came up with the idea for the mud kitchen. We also asked her if she thinks the children will have fun in the mud kitchen. She also  wanted to thank the people who helped build the mud kitchen as they did a brilliant job. They gave up their whole weekend to build the mud kitchen. Mrs  Forman met the opal consultant and he showed her a video of another mud kitchen and she thought that if we had one, it would be great for our school as we had the right amount of space on our large field.


This is what Mrs Forman said when we asked her how she came up with the idea for the mud kitchen:


Mr Follet the opal consultant showed me a video of a  school which had one and it looked fantastic and because we have lots of space on our field our school would be perfect to have one. Also I think children would have lots of fun creating menus and role playing together. Two parents from FOS (friends of school) designed the mud kitchen and helped make it happen.


We then asked her if she thinks the children will play in there a lot.  This is what she said:

I’m really hoping they will.  I think it will be very busy initially because it is new which is why we are having a rota.

We are really lucky  to have had the parents help as we couldn’t have  done it without them.


By:Lily Wright and Maisie Deane


Anti Bullying Week 2017

Antibullying week is a national thing that people in school all over English celebrate. Our school made a wall out of boxes that we decorated all about us. We also had a colouring competition. The date of anti bullying week this year was 17th of November 2017. All classes did their own thing for Anti Bullying such as class. Class 5 and 6 both did posters. C3 and 4 watched Newsround to find out how anti bullying week was being celebrated around the country. Finally classes 1 and 2 did a leaflet about anti bullying.

Written by Chloe and Charlotte.

               Grenfell Tower

On the 14th June 2017 Grenfell Tower (a 67m high tower used as public housing) caught on fire. The first emergency call was received at 00:54 AM and was on fire for around 60 hours until it was finally extinguished. The building contained 127 flats and 227 bedrooms – in 5 hospitals across London, 74 people were being treated, seventeen of them were in critical condition. Eighteen victims had been identified according to the London police. 45 fire engines arrived at the fire – which was caused by a faulty freezer on the fourth floor. On June 16th Theresa May, who had been criticised for failing to meet the victims’ requirements, donated £5 million pounds to the survivors. Many famous singers such as Craig David and James Arthur released a song called ‘Artists for Grendfell’ to tribute all of the victims.


                    By Oscar Paget c7



This Friday is Christmas jumper day – where we are able to dress up in our silliest Christmas-themed jumpers. We also bring £1 into school to donate to Save the Children, one of many charities for people in need.

Save the Children

Save the Children helps countless children all over the world who are facing hardships like the war in Syria. Every year, millions of pounds are given to fund life-saving activities for children whose lives have been torn apart.

What other charities are there?

  • The Salvation Army is a Christian charity who offer help to children and families, homeless people, human trafficking, the elderly, people in poverty, reuniting families, unemployment and domestic abuse.
  • Unicef is a charity dedicated to helping children. This winter, Unicef want to make sure that children stay safe and warm. Many famous people are ambassadors of Unicef including David Beckham, Robbie Williams and Andy Murray.
  • Crisis is a charity whose goal is to end homelessness. Crisis’ employment coaches help find the homeless a route towards employment.


Written by Kirstie and Oscar

christmas tree volunteering



Stem Weekstem 2 

Interestingly, in our school recently some of our teachers such as: Miss Evans, Miss Easthope and Mrs Roberts have introduced stem to our school. This is a chance to do things practically and to work together. Stem is, Science, technology, engineering and maths. This is set up to show children that can be whatever they want to be when they grow up therefore they will follow their dreams.

All over Britain schools   have been doing stem, every child has the right to be educated well.

Year 3, have been doing about magnets they have made compasses and magnet tracks.

Year 4, have been doing Viking long ships.

Year 5, have made moving structure forces to move a rocket to a launch pad.

Year 6, have been Greek temples for Poseidon [a Greek god].


On the Friday of STEM week our school was turned into a museum. First all the children in the school moved around to see what other year groups had been doing. Four children stayed in each class to explain what they had been up to. After that the parents came to visit, unfortunately some parents couldn’t come in because they were busy but we did have 87 parents visit!


Alex’s tour guide experience:

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a RIDGE STEM TOUR GUIDE! This meant that I was responsible for a group of parents who toured around the school. Unfortunately I lost 3 parents but after they chased me around, we were reunited. It was very fun as I got to talk about everything and answer lots of questions.


Zack’s favourite part of STEM:

My favourite part of STEM week was when we made the Viking long ships. I enjoyed this because instead of our normal lessons so were able to use glue guns and saws! Carefully of course!


“I wish every week was like STEM week. ” Zack aged 8.

“It was the best week of my life because we got to do everything practically and use our hands. ” Alex, 10 stem


Talk Topic by Ella and Lily

Talk Topic is something that Mrs Dash chooses and organises every week. It is a topic that you can talk about with friends at lunchtime, break or any free time in school. The talk topic last week was charity. It was charity due to the fact that it was Children in Need. Here are some facts about the charity.

Children in Need

This year Children in Need raised over £46,624,259! The reason for Children in Need is to raise money for lots of troubled children around the UK. Since 1980, Children in Need have raised over £600 million! Children in Need’s mascot is called Pudsey Bear and around the time of Children in Need you can buy lots of Pudsey Bear merchandise, such as teddies, badges, head bands, wristbands and much more.

children in need


Anti-bullying Week!

Anti-bullying week happens on the third week of November. This event happens all over the UK and it is to raise awareness of bullying happening to children and young people.


What is bullying?

Bullying is where someone says or does something to intentionally hurt someone else. This can be either physical or verbal although many people now bully via mobile phones or laptops – cyber bullying. Bullying goes on for a long time, even when the victim asks the bully to stop. If you are being bullied, you should tell a grown up that you trust and not let it get to you, it`s never the victim`s fault.


What the school has done

Every pupil in school has made their own badge themed around anti-bullying week. We all wore our badges to assembly and the person who made the best badge from each class went up to the front, here are all of our badges.

Our Power for Good Badges

Our Power for Good Badges




Remembrance Day

What is Remembrance Day?

On the 11th of November the whole of Britain held a two minute of silence to remember the people how have fought or died in all   the wars that have took place over the years. After world war two, it remained Remembrance Day to include everyone who had died in both wars (ww1 and ww2) but today we think about all the wars that have happened. John McCrae wrote a poem about all the poppies growing on the battle fields.


In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place: and in the sky

The larks still bravely singing fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.


We are the dead: Short days ago,

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved: and now we lie

In Flanders fields!


Take up our quarrel with the foe

To you, from failing hands, we throw

The torch: be yours to hold it high

If ye break faith with us who die,

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields


 What do we wear on Remembrance Day?

On Remembrance Day we all wear poppies because they were the only living thing that bloomed on the battle field. We also wear poppies because the   red symbolised the blood and a hope of new lives for the solders.  The flower provided Canadian doctor John McCrae with inspiration for his poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.


Our interview with our head teacher Mr. boult

Why do you think it is important to wear poppies

Firstly to raise money to help the families of injured solders also so we can give thanks for the sacrifice to defend our country. Additionally ,  there  is a chance to stop and think how terrible war is so we must try and find ways that we can  all get on .


Our School Council sold poppies to raise money.

Our School Council sold poppies to raise money.



Written by Remi ( C7) and Charlotte ( C4)


Black History 

We have been celebrating Black History Month this October. We have done this to remember how far black people have come since the times of slavery.

In the 17/1800s every black person in the UK and the USA was a slave, forced to work for no wages. Fortunately, slavery was abolished in the late 1800s but black people were still not treated equally. This belief that black people were inferior led to segregation where black people could not be in the same areas as whites. There were even separate toilets.  Many incredibly brave people helped fight for equal treatment like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

All of this hard work has worked because the USA has just had a black president, Barack Obama.


Year six have been looking at a poem called `The Caged Bird` by Maya Angelou, which is a metaphor for a black slave compared to a white master. This poem was so moving it inspired us to make our own. Here is a paragraph from the original:

The caged bird sings

with a  fearful trill

of things unknown

but longed for still

and his tune is heard

on the distant  hill

for the caged bird

sings of freedom.


Thank you for reading

Why don`t you make your own poem?


Oscar Paget Y6

Kirstie Rennie Y6




On the 23rd June 2016 Britain faced a life changing decision to either leave or stay in the EU.

What is the EU.

The EU is a group of governments in all parts of the world that work together. To join the EU you need to agree to follow certain rules then you get given certain benefits. You need to pay money to join which usually comes out of taxes. The money is then used to change how we live.

What does it do?

They join Europe together and tries to make selling and buying stuff easier for Europe. It is done by changing rules about controlling trading.

Here are some of the reasons for remaining in the EU:

  • Leaving will not solve the immigration crisis because France will then send refuges over.
  • Around 3 million jobs are linked to the EU so if we leave we will lose all those jobs.
  • Two of the UK’s biggest trading partners are in the EU.
  • The UK’s biggest trading partner is worth £400 million
  • London is one of the top finance companies.

Here are some of the reasons to leave the EU:

  • Britain can never control the immigrants.
  • The danger of jobs is just over exaggerated.
  • To many laws are made over sea.
  • We do not need the EU.



Leave: 1518840

Stay: 13266996


Leave: 854572

Stay: 772347

Northern Ireland

Leave: 349442

Stay: 440437


Leave: 854572

Stay: 1661191

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