Celebrating our Successes


CELEBRATION ASSEMBLY By Olivia Moxham and Douglas Sims

Hi welcome to blog this year 2017- 2018 .

Every week we do a celebration assembly on Friday. Read on to find out about what happened this week!!This is the people who won the awards:

Harry Sims

Ruby Scott


Leo Martin

Harry Warren

Lewis Naish


Lilly Write

Cyran Billing

Jamie Lee


Freya Cushley

Jamie Lee Davis

Ellie Alvis

Mike Taylor

The class whith eager Beaver is:


     Celebrating our School Play Equipment

           What Play Equipment do we use?

At the Ridge Junior School, we use many different play equipment such as hula hoops, stepping stools, bean bag toss, balance beam and stilts. This is used and provided for Lunch and Break time. One of our favourite things to play with are the bean bags. This is because we have tournaments with them. To play this you have three bean bags and have to throw them in holes. If you get round to the finals for getting more in you are an excellent thrower and aimer. In my opinion, we all play with it more often and is the most popular game in our school. At play time we love using our amazing equipment which is provided every day. It makes us happy and fun to play with everything and everyone as or school are very kind and caring.



                The School Dens

When it comes to lunch time, our school uses dens down at the bottom of our field. Every week each year would off gotten a fair amount of times in the dens. On Monday none of our school get the turn as it would be unfair. On Tuesday, it is the year six’s turn as they are the eldest in the school. Secondly, it’s the year fives turn on Wednesday. This is because they are the second eldest. On Thursday it is the year fours turn. Finally on Friday, it is the year threes turn. On these particular days are the same days we go on our Bridge garden. It is a bit like a playground as it has a swing set, climbing wall, tyres hopscotch and a wobbly log to walk on. At the dens, people trade sticks and stones but sometimes they steal things. We have stick shops where we sell things for leaves, which counts as money. Some classes or years have stick war.  This happens in teams normally as boys against girls to see which is better at it. As a result, we use our equipment more at our Lunchtime as it lasts longer so we want lots of entertainment!

Written by Emily John and Remi Bragg


Celebration assembly

On Friday we had a special assembly, with commendations, attendance, raffle tickets and house points. We are doing up to two weeks ago so there will be two sets of everything.


Year 3: Phoebe Robertson, Oliver Boulton, Lauren Smith and Samuel Ward.

Year 4: Laila Grimsby, Jan Ladip, Sonnie Parker and Lily Wright.

Year 5: Jack Langhorn, Mia Ellis, Molly Coventry and Harvey Blake.

Year 6: Oscar Paget, Tyler Prentice, Haydn Frost and Kelsie farmer

These are good working pupils for the week. Well done!!


Now we are going to see which class has been arriving on time and not being late or missing school.

Class 7 won attendance by far with a stunning 99.3% attendance. In a result of winning we get to choose a Ridge animal and they picked the pig of progress.

House points

In our school we have team houses and when people are good we get house points towards winning the Ridge animal, House Point Mouse. Our houses are More, Brunel, Banksy and Aardman.

The champions for this week are Brunel and the class that earned the most was class 3.

Raffle Tickets

This week winners are class 8 resulting around 55 raffle tickets.



Celebration assembly

This is the last week assembly with new winners from everything.



Year 3: Josh Boulton, Enzo Bees, George and Zuzanna

Year 4: Jaymeleigh, Emily Palmer, Tawny Smith-May and Alfie Clark.

Year 5: Neve Walker, Laila, Ethan Thompson and Adam

Year 6: Oscar Paget, Nick Frost, George Pereni, Haydn Frost, Ella wright and Alfie Welch.

House points

This week’s winners are Aardman and class 2 with the most.

Raffle tickets

Class 7 won the raffle tickets with an outstanding amount of tickets.


Class 3 won the attendance this week they came to school and no one tried to miss school.


These are our monitors that do jobs at lunchtime.

Riley BW

Millie Warren

Kirstie Rennie

Gracie Clark

Chelsea Petherick

 By Alex Hobbs and Emily John


4th November 2016



Bees: Maja Cichowska, Carmel Wheeler

Unicorns: Emily Monks, Jay Harding

Monkeys: Ella Graham, Hannah Willis

Tortoises: Daisy Swingler-Rogers, Alfie Clark

Horses: Finlay Bennet- Emerson, Callum Mealing, Luke Pursey

Cheetahs: Millie Cordy, Ben Sage

Beavers: Keira John, Millie Warren, Jamie Dennis, Ellis Pursey

Swallows: Grace Clarke, Lucy Faulkner, Alfie Gendall, Alex Tyler


Attendance: Class 3

Raffle Tickets: Class 7

IMG_3656  IMG_3658


19th July 2016 by James and Katie 

On the Friday 15th July 2016, we had the last celebration assembly of 2016. Because this was our last assembly we had a lot of things to celebrate.


One thing is the 100% award. This was given to the children who had been in school everyday.  22 children won this award.  Some children got given sports awards. Jessica Cosgree won Lower school sportswomen of the year.  Tom Williamson won lower school sportsman of the year. Mercedes Brain won upper school sportswomen of the year. Rudy Harvey won upper school sportsman of the year. These children have contributed to sports: Kirsten Pierce, Anna Shepard, Mia Howland, Freya Grimstead, Louise Gregor, Lilly Clark, Sophie Archer, Henry Skidmore, Max Hodge, Sammy Winkworth, James Williams and Ryan Baker. That’s a lot!


Some awards are given out weekly. Accommodations are given out to children that have done something special. Every now and again a whole class is given one. That as my class on Friday. This week Lovell won the house points and house point mouse. Class 8 won the raffle and the Hedgehog.




12th July 2016 by Abi and Charlotte

Two weeks ago we had our special assembly on Friday. Heidi introduced that the blog was going live and we are excited to make more progress in our Ridge Planet Blog. In our assembly we do a raffle, to earn a raffle ticket you do helpful things and then when we are awarded one we wright our name on the back and then hope to get selected from the box.   Two weeks ago in the assembly the winners were Oliver Holder in class 1 and Joe Hawkins in class 6.

Also, in our school we have soft toy animals and each teacher picks a child to have the animal for the week. The cunning fox is for the good idea of the week that went to lily and Dillan in year 4. The pig of progress went to Georgia in year 4.

For two weeks running Anning house have won the house points; the merits are awarded to children who do good work and then they go into a collection and the house group with the most points at the end of the week is the winner.

Quotes about the assembly

“They are very good because I can see what other people have been up to” said a pupil in year 5.

“I really enjoy them because it’s a surprise when you win an award “said a year 4.

Most people rated the special assembly a 4 ½ out of.



Celebration Assembly By Molly Coventry and Rosie Warren

In our assemblies, which are held in our hall, we give awards to people who have been good at their work, helpful in class and are kind and caring. One award is a commendation. We hand them to children who have been good and well behaved in lessons all week. Another award is The House Point Mouse which is given to the children in the winning house who have earned the most points in their class. One other award is the eager beaver who is taken by the class with the most attendance in that week. Finally, there is The Hedgehog who is given to the class with the most raffle tickets. Raffle tickets are awarded to children who are helpful in school.


In the Ridge we also hand out toy animals for people who have been kind and helpful. There are other animals that have different meanings.


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