Ridge Planet Blog is back!

Hello and welcome to the the wonderful world of The Ridge Planet Blog!

We have come together as a group of journalists that love writing and sharing our ideas and thoughts. The children have completed fantastic application forms and been selected for their role as a Ridge Planet Journalist. They work very hard to ensure that our blog is interesting for you to read. They choose their own columns and articles and enjoy working with different children. As well as this they are in charge of preparing their own research, interviews and photographs while our editor and deputy editors are responsible for overseeing this process. We meet once a week after school so that we can publish each fortnight for our lovely readers.

If you have any ideas or thoughts that you would like to share, please speak to one of the Ridge Planet Bloggers and they will pass on your enquiries and comments.

We do hope you enjoy our fantastic children and all of their hard work!

Miss Evans 🙂 


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